If you’re like us, a few beers makes you crave even more calories, and your inner drunk voice starts screaming, “Give me grease, give me carbs, give me meat and cheese, or give me death!” This recipe is a perfect way to satisfy all of those cravings.

Sure, you could curb your hunger with a standard cheeseburger and fries, but the combination of ingredients in this overstuffed slider makes for a far tastier route to a food-induced coma. (Plus, “slider” sounds significantly cooler than “burger.”) Don’t be mistaken, though — this is not your mama’s slider. It pays homage to the surf-and-turf gods, featuring a slew of flavors that pair nicely with beer.

The Ultimate Slider

These instructions are for cooking indoors, but you can easily take the operation outside to the grill. Be sure to make a little extra sauce, because you’ll want to do some serious double dipping. Check out our full recipe on MadeMan.com here.

Written by Team NYCFAT