Chefs and amateur cooks typically have that one recipe that they hold sacred. That recipe defines their style of cooking and is their go-to when providing a bountiful feast for friends, family, potential life partners and everyone in between. Well, this pulled pork recipe is mine. This meal has been taste-tested by some of my toughest critics, and the response has never been short of two thumbs way up.
Best Pulled Pork Recipe
Most people think that real high quality slow-cooked meats require a professional smoker and some type of secret sauce, and therefore they never give pulled-pork recipes a fair shot. This recipe requires no special tools and can be made in the comfort of your own kitchen, no matter how small it may be. Patience is the only requirement for preparing this meal, because once the palpable aroma of the seasoned meat fills your house, it’ll be hard to wait the full 10 hours that this hunk of pork takes to reach perfection. That’s right: This pork shoulder is cooked low and slow for almost half a day until it literally falls apart. If you like super-tender and juicy pork that is equally sweet, spicy and smoky, then this recipe is for you. Get after it and check out our full recipe on here

Written by Team NYCFAT