The NYC installment of the “French Riviera Celebrity Hot Spot” is now open in Soho, and we are shamelessly announcing our full endorsement of everything that is happening at MAMO. We’re typically hesitant to visit a brand new restaurant in its opening month, especially one that is already being acclaimed for being “good enough for Angie and Brad” by “pop culture experts,” but we decided to put all preconceived notions aside and give MAMO a shot….and we’re damn glad we did.

PWith a little Frankie Sinatra and a straight orchestra of truffles playing in the background, owner Mike Mammoliti and his team made us feel right at home (that is if our home were a gorgeous two-level brownstone with limestone steps and hand painted tiles*)¬†with some Italian classics that we were crazy enough to compare to our grandma’s cooking (almost sacrilegious).

Things you should try:

All the pizzas

The rigatoni with meatballs and sausage

The pesto calamari

The truffle ravioli (so.much.truffle)

The Cheesecake (Bold in font and in taste)


Things we really enjoyed:

Quality olive oil/bread

The fresh cherry tomatoes on the table, which some may consider cheesy, but we love tomatoes so +1 MAMO, -1 everyone else

How well the pastas are cooked

Solid wine and cocktail selections that won’t force you to leverage your 401k or kid’s college fund (although no judgment if that’s your thing – your kids will forgive you)

Abundant bar/loitering space

The lavender cheesecake – only thing missing was one of those “Sleep Pods” they have at Google for a real hard nap afterwards

The white brick and light wood ceiling rafters (we’ll probably be on HG TV in our next life…or maybe this one…that would be cool)

Things we didn’t really enjoy:

Not much – see you again soon, MAMO

*We don’t live in a Soho brownstone with limestone steps and hand painted tiles.