The time has finally come for Luke Holden, Ben Conniff, and the rest of the Luke’s Lobster squad to share their recipes for what they consider to be #RealMaineFood, including the majestic masterpiece that is the Luke’s Lobster roll. We’ve had our fair share of lobster rolls from all over the east coast, and in our opinion, there is no comparison when it comes to freshness, consistency (both of the lobster and product delivery), and simple ingredients with blasts of flavor.

Lukes Lobster
When we first heard Luke’s was coming out with a cookbook we thought, “Okay, probably 15-20 recipes, all incorporating lobster in some way.” Thinking the basics like lobster mac and cheese, lobster ravioli, lobster soup, etc. Welp, we were wrong. The title of the cookbook is Real Maine Food, which is appropriately named given that it hits you with 100 different recipes of dishes all originating from Maine. We believe in and wholeheartedly support what the Luke’s Lobster team has created and will continue to build upon. Really great food sourced locally by sustainable practices. If you’re into that kind of thing, then we highly recommend snagging a copy of the cookbook.

Luke's Lobster

Written by Team NYCFAT