Grilling steak probably intimidates the hell out of you, and rightfully so. There are only a few things more embarrassing than presenting an overcooked or under-seasoned filet that probably cost upwards of $25 when you’re manning the grill. Chances are you go straight for the 8-to-10-ounce filet, toss it on a grill that’s barely hot enough to fry an egg, and then cook it until it resembles something your dog wouldn’t even eat.

Grilled Flank Steak

Although “filet mignon” might sound sexier than “flank steak,” there’s a real opportunity here to present a visually appealing cut of meat, which can be more flavorful than the most expensive pieces of beef when cooked properly. Unlike a filet, the beauty of the flank steak lies in its versatility, and its ability to soak up flavor. Those delicious slices of steak in your fajitas? Probably flank steak. Your favorite cheap stir-fry you get late-night on Thursdays? Yup, most likely flank steak. In this recipe, we marinade the meat overnight in an easy to develop mixture that will make the steak salty, sweet, and extra juicy when grilled to medium-rare. Add this one to your favorites list, people. It won’t disappoint. Read the full recipe on

Written by Team NYCFAT