Do you like coffee? Do you like fruit? If you answered yes to both, then you need to try Bai. To be honest, besides alcohol and black coffee, we primarily stick to water for our liquid consumption…but Bai might change all that. We’re hopping on the Bai bandwagon because each bottle is infused with the antioxidant packed superfruit that is “coffee fruit.” Fun fact: coffee “beans” are actual pits of the cherry-like fruit that surround it. We know, mind blown. The guys over at Thrillist say, “if you’re into healthy antioxidant beverages that straddle the gap between Vitamin Water and more flavor-forward fruit drinks, you might want to say hello to Bai 5,” and we’d have to agree.

Drink Bai

Bai drinks are great on their own, but we decided to spice up this Bolivia Black Cherry Bai with a little whiskey, because why the hell not. This easy recipe is a play on the classic old fashioned, so if that’s your thing, then that’s just fantastic.

1 Can of Bolivia Black Cherry Bai
3 Ounces (two shots) Bulleit Rye Whiskey
Juice of half a lime
1 ounce honey
Muddles Cherries
Fresh lime

Muddle the cherries with the lime juice and honey in a whiskey glass. Shake the Bai and whiskey over ice, and add to muddled cherries. Add a fresh lime and a ball of ice. Enjoy.

Drink Bai

Written by Team NYCFAT