Hey, New Yorkers, let’s talk about Dinner Lab. What is it? It’s a one of a kind membership-based supper club for people who want in on the best from the rising stars of the culinary industry. There is a serious amount of chef talent out there, and Dinner Lab is giving these guys and gals the opportunity to showcase their ideas in the form of a 5-course tasting menu in an unconventional dining space. No formal kitchens, no fancy place settings, never the same location twice. Just quality original dishes from passionate chefs who want to show dining enthusiasts what they are made of outside of their normal restaurant kitchens in exchange for honest evaluations and feedback.

Dinner Lab is making appearances in the biggest culinary cities across the nation, and you’re going to want to be a part of it.

Membership is currently closed in NYC, but we’ve got you covered. UseĀ this link to beat the waiting list and enjoy $20 off your first Dinner Lab experience. You’re welcome.

Written by Team NYCFAT