We’re not sure what it is, but people in NYC lose their damn minds over “Pop-up shops.” Doesn’t matter if it’s clothes, shoes, music, Japanese origami, etc., New Yorkers love themselves some quality pop-ups. Maybe it’s the illusion of exclusivity or the FOMO factor weighing in heavy, but in our minds the term “pop-up” means “this crap won’t last forever so get your act together and check it out.” We’re blasting out the same message for the Aqua Best pop-up that is happening at Dassara Ramen this summer. The folks at Dassara are always trying to host unique events and add new items to the menu to keep things fresh, and they’ve hit a real home run with the #AquaBoil pop-up menu.

We had the pleasure of hanging out with Chef Pablo last week and tasting a few (read: almost all) of the new Japanese and Creole-inspired seafood dishes, and we have nothing but a 2 thumbs up review. Aqua Best is bringing in top-quality live seafood like Giant Jonah Crab and Louisiana crawfish daily to Dassara, which make for some really interesting dishes. Think down-home seafood boil meets Asian flavors with a side of awesome. If that’s a happy thought for you, then we highly suggest getting your sh*t together and heading to Dassara before the end of the summer. Click the pictures below for more info and tell Chef Pablo we say hello when you’re crushing fried clam belly buns and soft shell crab ramen burgers.

Dassara Ramen Dassara Ramen Dassara Ramen Dassara Ramen Dassara Ramen Dassara Ramen

Written by Team NYCFAT