Looking for a one-stop shop for all things fried chicken that you can trust in NYC? Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken should be your new go-to. BRFC is the new installment from the Bromberg Bros. who gave us Blue Ribbon Sushi and Brooklyn Bowl. Sure, there are a ton of places in the city to get quality wings and chicken, but Blue Ribbon is like the Shake Shack of fried chicken. It’s semi-fast, mostly fresh, tastes delicious, and you know you won’t get sick from it.

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken NYC

The actual space at Blue Ribbon is also way more inviting than your typical hole in the wall chicken joint. The restaurant has super high ceilings with gigantic windows perfect for East Village people watching, or for reminding yourself that the sun does exist when you’re hungover on a Saturday morning. If you do go, don’t pass up on the sides like the griddled corn and bacon or the fries with the works. Oh yea, Blue Ribbon also serves quality beer like Sixpoint, Guinness, and Brooklyn, so that’s always a plus. Get after it.

Written by Team NYCFAT