The Best Crostini Recipe

The Best Crostini Recipe

Dinner parties are super rewarding when you perfectly execute the cooking time of all of your dishes and your guests arrive when they are told to show up. But 95 percent of the time, that simply does not happen. So you have two options; adjust the tempo of your culinary symphony, or never invite those people over for dinner ever again. Although the devil on my shoulder might like to take the latter approach, I’m a sucker for entertaining, and therefore have learned how to put food on the table with the timing precision of a whack-a-mole champion. One of my secret weapons? Crostini.


“Little toast” in Italian, crostini is really just a fancy way of saying, “grilled or toasted bread with toppings.” I look at the crostini as the perfect vehicle for dishing out big flavor punches in bite-sized packages while your guests anticipate the comestible masterpiece about to be dropped on the table. While you’re putting the finishing touches on your first course, your guests will be happier than a pig in sh*t, with a crostini in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

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Crostini are the ideal hors d’oeuvre because they are a “serve yourself, no utensils necessary” type of appetizer that you can prepare ahead of time whether served hot or cold. Although the possibilities for your ultimate crostini ingredient combinations are truly endless, we promise your guests won’t leave before your main course if you start with these. Full recipe found on