Bai Bubbles Smoothie Recipe

Bai Bubbles Smoothie Recipe

We’re back with another rendition of “Drink Bai,” because we really dig the product, and the folks we’ve met at Bai are just good people. We hit you with a Bai cocktail last time, but now we’re coming at you with a smoothie that is perfect for these (hopefully coming soon) warm spring days. We used the Guatemala Guava Bai Bubbles since that’s what we thought would go best with our fruit ingredients, but you can really go nuts in terms of which Bai you choose.

Bai Bubbles


1/2 a can of Guatemala Guava Bai Bubbles
1.5 Bananas
3 Large Slices of Mango
3 Large Slices of Pineapple
Crushed Ice

Blend until smooth…like a smoothie.